Da Real Cool Hands. #iYEAH!!! “COOL-HAND$”  BIO

ON FEBRUARY 25TH  “COOL-HAND$” AKA “COOL HAND LUKE” ,  AKA “COOL HAND$ DA DON DADA“,  was born in Prichard, Alabama to an African American

working class family.  COOL$ father Vertis “GUITAR LUKE” Lucas is a guitarist that kept COOL around live bands, singers, and musicians which also kept him melodic,

playing all instruments including the strumming of guitars, pianos and his love for the drum.

At age 5 COOL was playing the drum pattern for TONE LOCS “WILD THING” for $1 and that’s where he developed his own love for sound and every since he’s been pursuing his dream.

At age 7 COOL started writing lyrics and reciting.   At age 9 COOL witnessed a trend amongst his generation on KRIS-KROSS’ debut “JUMP-JUMP” which gave him inspiration to write more and become a relevant trendsetter.

At age 10 COOL started producing in his dads’ studio in the earlier days of  synthesizing and drum programming.

COOL$ upcoming through school kept him a freestyling champion with his trademark “YEAH” amongst the greatest that his city has to offer, only to become a one man wrecking crew by producing, writing, composing, arranging, engineering, mixing and promoting his own material.

In 2007 COOL released his debut album entitled “POWER”(www.cdbaby.com/coolhandl) which changed the game. With all tracks produced, written, arranged, and composed by COOL and some composed by friends which were also featured on the album.

  On February 10th 2012 COOL released the NO. 1 SMASH HIT “DROP IT DOWN LOW” (www.cdbaby.com/coolhandluke32)  produced, written, arranged, composed and performed by COOL-HAND+LUKE which definitely shows his dedication and extraordinary creativity to his craft. COOL$ outstanding performance and delivery doesn’t ever lose anyone’s attention.

 On June 15th 2012 COOL released “GROWN MAN”(www.cdbaby.com/coolhandluke33) which was also produced, written, arranged, composed and performed by the aspiring artist. This song will surely keep their heads moving.

On July 27th 2012 COOL released “V.I.P”(www.cdbaby.com/coolhandluke34) another one of COOL$ self produced, written, arranged,composed and performed songs that represents the payoff and celebration of hard work and dedication.

Through hardships and struggles COOL is still a hard-working solo artist that has a lot of potential, creativity, skills and dedication to initiate enduring longevity.  With COOL$ energetic personality, distinctive sound, immaculate attire and powerful performance, COOL$ sure to give crowds of fans what they’re looking for, and more than the expectations can meet. Need I say more!?


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